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Land Rover Services

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Land Rover Engine Tuning and Performance Modifications

An increasingly popular option with newer Land Rovers is performance upgrades, improving on road performance, acceleration and towing capabilities.

30% increase in power with no decrease in fuel economy

Autologic Performance TuneAutologic Performance Tune We are authorised to undertake performance upgrades using this software upgrade system. Autologic uses no hardware modifications but drivers will see 30% power improvements with no increase in fuel consumption. This software upgrade is suitable for the following engines

  • TD5
  • TD4
  • TDV6
  • TDV8

Hardware Performance Upgrades

We can offer a wide range of options to increase the performance from your diesel and V8 petrol Land Rovers. Options include:

Intercooler Upgrades Allowing air to be cooled by an extra 50% for a denser charge and can result in up to a 25% increase in power. Suitalbe for all 200 and 300 TDi engines

Upgraded Hoses Full silicone and stainless turbo hose kits allow the maximum gains from upgraded intercoolers.

Performance Crankshaft and Fly Wheel kits Designed for V8 engines, will help with improved performance from tuned V8 engines.

Performance Exhausts Just what every tuned V8 needs. These exhausts will improve overall performance from V8 engines. Also available for tuned diesel engines.